Our organs are all individual machines that follow specific instructions. These instructions travel all around the body, from organ to organ. When an organ receives instruction, it will carry out a process that somehow affects the body. 

For example, the brain will send an instruction down to the kidneys to trigger the stress response. When we understand the connection between these organs it becomes clearer how certain things can impact the way these instructions are sent and received. The part of the body that creates mental health begins with the organs. 

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All of our research and work comes from the latest scientific journals. We follow peer-reviewed studies and experts in the field to produce our content. It’s important for us to give you as much information about what contributes to the quality of your mental state as possible. We believe that by aligning our biology with our lifestyle, we will have a strong foundation. Enabling us to overcome life’s challenges and be ready for anything. 

Align, the mental wellbeing app

The lifestyle we lead, and the choices we make, all influence the state of our mental wellbeing. The first point of call for improving mental health should be to look at our lifestyle choices, such as food, sleep, relationships and purpose for example. By doing this, it establishes a strong foundation for good mental health, that is long term and sustainable. 

Align is the mental wellbeing app that guides you on how to build and sustain good mental wellbeing, through tailored lifestyle tweaks. 

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