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The app that guides you on how to build and sustain good mental wellbeing.

Our vision is to empower and educate the population on how to align our lifestyle with our biology. 

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Empowered Action

Part of building good mental wellbeing is to understand how your lifestyle choices impact you, so you feel empowered to take action. We simplify this through biological visuals.

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Tailored Blueprints

We quiz you based on your current lifestyle choices to produce a tailored blueprint. Each blueprint contains steps, tips and context on the tweaks you can make to begin building better mental wellbeing. 

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Daily Tracker

To help you make changes to your lifestyle, the daily tracker keeps you accountable and encourages you to build up your mental wellbeing. 

A whole approach

The Principles of mental wellbeing

These are the principles that, we believe, are the key areas of life that mostly impact poor mental health. Using Align, you can evaluate how each of these areas contribute to your mental wellbeing (through our quiz) and learn which principles might need to be tweaked to help you build and sustain better mental wellbeing. 

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What people are saying


"The app is really easy to navigate, clear and not too overwhelming. I love the science and the background of each principle. It doesn’t feel like lecturing or making you feel guilty which is great too. Would deffo use and recommend, it prompts thoughts and self-awareness."
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Charlotte B.
"I love the minimal style and the diagrams. I really like the format of 'visuals, quiz and blueprint' for each principle - the quiz, in particular, makes the app feel more personal to me. I think the tracker is great too as it can help me to stay accountable and make changes/improvements in areas of my life where needed."
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Becca S.

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