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We’re a workplace wellbeing consultancy that helps your business create exponential growth so that you can have a bigger impact. 
Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

Our mental and physical health are paramount to our performance and productivity. When your employees don’t operate from a place of good health, cognitive ability declines, creativity is paused and lack of motivation hinders good work. Today, stress and poor mental health in the workplace are at a high, and as a result:

  • The cost of poor mental health for employers is between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee per year.
  • Only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance.
  • A survey found 66% of managers don’t know what to do if an employee directly told them they were struggling with their wellbeing, while 49 per cent said they did not know how to support mental health and wellbeing more generally in the workplace.
As a workplace wellbeing consultancy we help you solve the problems above so that your employee performance increases, staff turnover is reduced and you have a workplace wellbeing strategy that makes a difference. 

Who we work with...

We know that each business is unique, they all have different values, goals and needs. Likewise, when it comes to workplace wellbeing, each business needs to have a tailored approach that looks at finding the root cause of poor wellbeing.

Our workplace wellbeing consulting service is for any organisation that needs advice or a bespoke solution for the awareness, prevention, early intervention & long term strategy of mental health and wellbeing related matters. We use targeted methodologies, based on the latest science and research from a holistic perspective, so that businesses can excel at what they do. 

We believe that wellbeing is a business growth strategy that gives businesses a competitive edge. 

Don't have the time or resources to improve the wellbeing of your staff?